Friday, February 26, 2010

girl crush, boy crush

I'm out of touch, I'm getting old. So it's a good thing my friends keep me in the loop.
My friend David sent me this awesome video for 'Taken by Trees'. I'm a sucker for lens flares and pretty girls so it was quite easy to get me hooked. Taken by Trees is the latest project from artist Victoria Bergsman from Stockholm. Bergsman was singer-songwriter for The Concretes before this debut solo album.

A couple of weeks ago, during a nerdy musical swap, Shaun gave me so much nice music, nice country and folk stuff that I love the most. I kept going back to 'The Tallest man on Earth', and finally decided to Google them today. A man with a voice like that had to look like this, right?

Kristian Matsson in from Sweden too and sounds like Bob Dylan with a bit of Antony and the Johnsons mixed in. He makes me blush and giggle. It's pretty bad.

Conclusion = Swedes are hot.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh the places we'll go...

Our tickets are booked! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm so excited.
Istanbul, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, St. Stefan, Banja Luka and maybe a few stops in between.

I can hardly wait for all these places but best of all is going to be seeing my family.
August 15th hurry up please!

etsy goodness

Etsy has it's share of really bad craft and a few gems in between. Here's one seller that I really like. Tree and Kimball uses vintage lace and beads to make her beautiful jewelery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

si(e)s, but it's nice actually

Sis Deli + Cafe in Finland specialises in organic produce. I love the black and white theme that runs through everything from decor to packaging.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so I've been keeping a secret...

My friends know that I have a little obsession with decor magazines. I've been known to ignore loved ones who try to talk to me while I'm paging through Living Etc. or get seriously upset if someone looks through my House and Leisure before I do. I admit that I've secretly fantasised about my house being in a magazine. More than once... and now it will be. hihihihi It is a bit ridiculous, I know, but I'm excited. I will buy 20 copies of the March issue of Elle Decor and I will be as proud as a parent who's beloved child features in a Huggies commercial.

There, I said it. You are welcome to ridicule me my friends.

A few copies of the magazine will be available at the Design Indaba Expo, but until the actual issue comes out in stores I can't put the pictures up. Just a sneak preview...


bow tie + suspenders + sailor hat

Interesting accessories from French fashion designer Baptiste Viry.

weekend things

You know all is good with the world when you spend Saturday morning drinking coffee with your friends. Lindt, or Sprungli, or whatever your name is: THIS IS YOUR BEST INVENTION YET. Were you thinking of me when you made it? Eagerly awaiting the opening of a new bakery at 44 Stanley. It's exactly what was missing in my life. Ross and Leigh-Anne are engaged! So we drank some Pimms cocktails to celebrate. And I was privillaged to spend a Sunday afternoon with HRH Yuki and her loyal servants.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Terence doesn't like woolly things and hates it when I wear what he refers to as knitwear. It scratches his delicate skin. It's such a shame because I would love to wear anything by Sirena con Jersey from Spain. Maybe if we moved to a place with a colder climate...

Friday, February 19, 2010

secret johannesburg (part 2)

Last week we had an agency dinner at a place called The View in Parktown. The location was symbolic since Tom's family used to own the house back in the day and Tom is our ECD, which means he's quite important. It's called The View because it used to have a spectacular view which apparently stretched all the way to Magaliesberg. Now that view is blocked by some very unsightly concrete buildings. The house is still very beautiful and haunted by Tom's ancestors. I kept wishing to see one of them walking down the stairs. It would have been a perfect occasion for a ghost sighting, since the house was filled with people and I wouldn't be alone, stuck with a deceased member of the Cullinan clan.

I love this little note I found in the bathroom.

when we were babies

Thursday, February 18, 2010

floating hippies

A group of artists from the U.S. came together to created these hand crafted '"swimming cities" out of found objects, scrap metal and a Mercedes motor even. These vessels navigated the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice in May 2009. They remind me of this scene from Kusturica's Time of the Gypsies.

Maybe hippies and gypsies have a lot of things in common.
All swimming cities images by Tod Seeli.
More about the project here.