Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend things

It was a lovely warm weekend in Johannesburg. We went to see some new shops at the Arts on Main. The new Ossewa shop is where we found these lovely ceramic glove stands and loads of other beautiful antiques that we couldn't really afford. I've been wanting to see the new bakery called Vovo Telo in 44 Stanley. All their bread was sold out but we got to sample some delicious pizza. I got to hang out with Queen Yuki, admire Shaun's new camera (wow), see Away We Go at the movies, and gasp at the new Woolworths store in Hyde Park. Bought something for the Baskin creature and wished for way too many things for myself. Sigh... It was a lovely lazy weekend. The end.

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Anonymous said...

Also went to Vovo Telo on Saturday morning and managed to get ONE mini baguette! The cooling rack was full but everything was reserved. I suppose one will have to phone in advance as the bread is divine - tastes like the bread one get from île de païn in Knysna. With the mysterious demise of The Chef in Richmond, Vovo Telo should do very well