Wednesday, May 26, 2010

let's eat grandpa part 2

The finished Let’s Eat Grandpa book was delivered to us by our nice friends from Hello World. Excitement! Here is one page from each story:

Let’s Eat Grandpa. by Leigh and Brad

Let’s Eat! Grandpa? by Jeff and Kerryn

Let’s... Eat... Grandpa... by Gareth and Aadil

Let’s Eat? Grandpa! by Stuart, Rory and Koos

Let’s “Eat” Grandpa. by Jono and Denny

Let’s Eat, Grandpa. by Graeme and Andre

Same words, different punctuation, different stories, nice book. Sorry about not including all the surnames everyone. I was too lazy.


leigh said...

Yay glad you got your book! It looks cool hey.

jelena said...

It's so nice. And your story is super clever! I was impressed Leigh:)