Friday, May 7, 2010

finger friends

I bought these puppets at the Irene market ages ago and Terence kidnapped them and took them to his office and I only found them the other day when I went to visit him and I took them back home where they belong... shooo, thank goodness. They were made by the sweetest, most creative puppet making lady who has a stall full of every kind of character you can imagine made into a finger puppet. You can get Batman and a fireman and a doctor and a princess and a bird and a soccer player and a flower and lots more, but animals are my favourite (especially the wolf with that crazy grin on his face). If you ever go to the Irene market this is one stall you absolutely have to see.


Mandy Crooks said...

These are right up my alley.
Great intro to your blog - thanks loved seeing them.

Carrie said...

and I am dying to get hold of this lady as she makes to order...we mahad some made ages ago of the band KISS....they came out brilliantly!!