Sunday, May 16, 2010

eat love

This is a beautiful new book I got from my loved one. It's called Eat Love by Dutch food designer Marije Vogelzang. I heard her talk at the Design Indaba one year and really liked her work. She explores not only what people eat but how and why and asks questions like 'Why do we reward children with sweets?'. The book is beautifully designed too, with really nice line drawings and bits of hand-drawn type. Here is an example of one of Marije's food "experiments" called “Cupcakes with a Lack of Attention”. In this project, otherwise identical cupcakes, invite people with different written messages like: " Eat me", "You can't resist me" and "I'm the most delicious one". "I noticed the psychological effect of people who decidedly choose certain messages over the others, while being aware that all cupcakes tasted exactly the same,” Vogelzang writes.

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