Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weekend things

I took a few days off and had a much needed long weekend. After five days a few things have changed. I’ve been to Mozambique for the first time and realised Mozambicans might be the friendliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was good to be far away from home, eat lot’s of prawns, drink lots of beer and swim in the warm sea. We even met a bride and groom at the Maputo airport. It was quite surreal to see them on our flight, all dressed up in white. I loved the little town of Inhambane and definitely want to go back there. Still, the best thing was going on a crazy boat ride and snorkeling with a 8 meter whale shark (no pics of that, my camera would never forgive me for all that sea water). And there was something to look forward to when we came back to rainy Joburg: Steve Martin is finally home and it feels like he’s been with us for much longer than a day. We love you Stevie, you sweet sweet creature. Welcome home.


Emma-Jane said...

ahh :) we were just there in inhambane in dec! i recognize all those little places in town and the airport :)
i'm so jealous you saw a whale shark! we went diving so many times and didn't see any manta rays or whale sharks.. :) :) you guys are very lucky!

angie said...

Inhambane is the raddest little place, i also loved it there.

man, i can't believe the bride and groom, what an awesome sight.

glad you had fun Miss jelena

Aviv Weil said...

What a rad holiday! I'm so happy you got away from the madness and I'm especially happy that you named your little one Steve Martin. He must be one funny kitty.Though, at times, I'm sure he'll be a jerk or the third amigo.