Tuesday, April 20, 2010

weekend things

Having a projector at home was nice. Sort of like watching a movie at the cinema while laying in your bed. A visit to Kitty Heaven on Saturday morning broke my heart a little bit but mostly made me happy. Brothers. Nicola's Super Mario birthday cake. Baskin creature, can you please be born now so I can buy you shoes like these. Some arty stuff on Sunday (that statement is totally true). And rainy streets of Joburg. The end.


deer hunter said...

I wish it would come too.. i'm getting bored now. Still got 24 weeks to go!!! maybe by end of next week we will know whther it's a he or she and we can start thinking of names.. and buying shoes!

jelena said...

can't wait! I think they could be girl shoes too. I would totally wear them. :)