Monday, April 5, 2010

weekend things

I know it was a really long weekend but I didn't take too many pictures. I needed a break from anything that needs a charger to survive. Some of the things I did do on a few occasions when I left the house: went to visit Leigh and Brad at their lovely flat just around the corner from us and stuffed my face with all sorts of evil delicious food stuffs; had sushi in Hokkaido in Norwood, (which I highly recommend), and a little bit later had my ear drums destroyed by Steve Aoki (which I recommend if you are not as old as me); played some badminton and realised I'm not very good at it at all; had a few Easter egg battles; spent lots of time at home drinking tea, drawing pictures and such; and on Monday night wished really really hard that I wouldn't have to come back to work today. But I'm here... so it didn't work out.


Leigh said...

the dining room table looks so fancy in that picture you took. i like it.

jelena said...

it's my fancy new camera, it makes everything look fancy:) although your place looked so nice anyway.