Thursday, April 29, 2010

tiny little chairs

Since I spend a large amount of money on decor magazines each month I thought I should share some things I find in them. Here's something for people who admire designer chairs (or have a little obsession like me) but also like to wear pretty shiny things around their necks (all girls I know). Tiny Little Chairs are handmade in Canada by Bruxe Design and here is what they say about them: "Tiny Little Chairs is a series of collectible pendants celebrating mid century design. Each pendant represents a vintage chair which revolutionized furniture production and the design process. These miniatures allow you to wear your love and appreciation for these pioneering designers and their iconic objects which continue to be benchmarks for today's designers."

Saw this in Living Etc. The words 'mid-century, chair and pendant' all in one sentence got me very excited.

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