Sunday, April 18, 2010

new friend

We are adopting a kitten! We met him this weekend at Kitty Heaven. People always say ‘you will know which one to get’ and I thought that was a load of crap but this little guy kind of chose us. He wouldn’t stop looking at us and when we got into the cage he immediately jumped up onto my lap and meowed the whole time. Either that or he’s really good at selling himself. Please help us give him a name. We are leaning towards Steve Martin but I would like some more suggestions. You could be his godfather or godmother and if we choose your name you can come meet him too. More on our new friend next week when he finally comes home and hopefully stays with us for a long long time. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I’m so excited.

Warning: expect loads more cat-related posts in the future.


Lady Times said...

Ok so these might be a little left field but I so love crazy pet names.
*Boss - I actually envision that as my future Great Danes name but I need something masculine to suggest or
*Bagheera - from the jungle book, he's black and a cat and from a fairytale!
My boyfriend wants to get a girl kitten and call it Stuart after a long standing best friend joke. Strange but so full of awesomeness at the same time.
I love you blog lady and maybe you should stick with Steve Martin...
Good luck and all with becoming a kitty mommy.

deer hunter said...

yay you two> very excited, i nearly started crying when i saw him!he looks amazing. shaun says Michael Jackson..

jelena said...

hihihi Michael Jackson. Terence can teach him how to moon walk. Thanks Lady Times. I like Birdie:)

angie said...

yay! he looks awesome :)

if i could have a cat :(
i would call him henery.

so my suggestion is henery.


Lea said...

Tom Robbins is his name!