Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fragile things I like

I realised we have quite a nice collection of pretty and functional ceramics.

A floral milk jug I got from Shaun and Kezia for my birthday.
‘Diamond’ ceramic glasses from Birds café. I love drinking Nesquick out of these.
Pink swans, also from Birds café in Cape Town. We use them for salt and pepper.

‘Love’ plate and small white vase with birds Terence’s mom gave me.

Two small white vases Kallie got me at Urban Outfitters.

‘Bird’ bowl. Birds café again.

And, (not quite ceramic) Seletti glasses that look like plastic cups but are actually made out of beautiful thin glass. I got 5 in Paris and I like drinking wine out of these. Seletti make loads of amazing things I’m crazy about. I’d love to get my hands on this ceramic crate of theirs. One day, when my dream of owning a shop becomes a reality, I would love to stock their stuff.


sandra said...

ross's mom is getting in some stuff for her shop from the same lady who did those white ceramic rabbits: ceramic crates and egg boxes, and some other stuff i think, but cant remember. hey ho lets go to there!

jelena said...

ooooo i like the sound of crates and egg boxes. i NEED them for my kitchen. let me know when you are going.

sandra said...

yes i will!