Friday, April 16, 2010

birthday shoes

Last year I got these amazing shoes from my friends Gabby and Johan as a birthday present. It's super hard for me to find shoes in my size (3!) and when I do I make sure to buy them immediately. I saw these at my favourite vintage clothing stall at the Rosebank market one day and asked the lady to please please keep them for me while I get some money. When I went back an hour later she said she sold them because she thought I wasn't coming back! I hated her and I was devastated for about two hours before Gabby gave them to me wrapped in nice wrapping paper and all. I love how she got this sweet old lady to lie to me and I love my shoes (I'm wearing them today with very thick socks because they are a little bit big for me).

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MrBaggins said...

Love 'em - why don't you post this pix to footearth - here's the link