Wednesday, March 3, 2010

local is nice

I've been searching for curtain fabric and found some really nice local designs. Some of them are very expensive and buying 20 meters is definitely not an option. They are still beautiful to look at and I might just have to buy a tiny bit to satisfy my fabric craving! Here are my favourites.

Printed by hand using carved linoleum blocks and water-based silkscreen ink, on cotton, linen, and vintage cloth. By Jesse Breytenbach. I'm in love with the 'Drops' pattern (first picture).

Lula Fabrics... I can't afford you but I dream of every piece of furniture in my house covered in your Suzani print. (Suzani in red and blue above) WOW

And some more from Shine Shine fabrics and of course Skinny laMinx.

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