Friday, February 5, 2010

a nice place to sit

This little 1950's looking couch was at Terence's parents holiday house at the coast for years. How many years? Maybe 20, maybe more. It was a whole set with two matching armchairs too. They got separated along the way but the couch remained. We've had our eyes on it for some time but never had an opportunity or a big car to bring it to Johannesburg. This year, the cottage got some new furniture and there wasn't any more space for this old thing. Terence's parent's were nice enough to bring it up for us in January and his dad even carried it all the way up to our 4th floor flat.

It's like a new member of the family and I like him.


it's me said...

why didn't he just use the lift?

Anonymous said...

It is a beauty to behold.

Miss Msibi said...

great chair Jels! I love old chairs!

angie said...

it's awesome fancy face