Wednesday, January 27, 2010

baby bobbejaan

I lady at my office rehabilitates monkeys and other animals. Last night she got a baby baboon who's mother was killed by a leopard. She had to bring him to work this morning because he's still very young and needs to wear a nappy and be bottle fed. It was very hard taking a picture of him because he doesn't keep still for very long. Here he is approving some layouts and making a phone call.

Meeting baby bobbejaan made me happy after a very hard time at work. I wish you all the best little guy. Maybe one day we'll meet again and you won't steel my packet of chips or anything.


deer hunter said...

OMG i want a frikken monkey so bad.

jelena said...

he kind of smells bad, and he's hyper active and breaks everything. maybe you should rather get a parrot and walk around with it on your shoulder.

Leigh said...

that is the sweetest! i love him

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