Monday, November 30, 2009

weekend things

fabric shopping with kallie.
lisa's birthday at the rose garden and jade who looked like a perfect little flower.
kezia's new cupie doll.
woody allen's whatever works.
the end.

Friday, November 27, 2009

then and now

our kitchen before, during and after.

we should definitely hang out more kitchen, cause you're pretty cool.

night of a 1000 drawings

last night we went to the johannesburg park station where the night of a 1000 drawings event was held. there were so many people there! i'm so proud of you legion boys, you did a great job of organising it. here are some drawings:

johnny and jono, why are you so bloody talented.

hand painted tiles in one of the rooms in the station.
jono during his drawing battle (i screamed for you).
my drawing of johan. you ended up looking like a drunk friend, but i still really liked it.
now someone else will have you hanging up in their living room. weird.
dave's awesome goat that totally should have won. justice!



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mon mon monchichi!

wow. kate gave me a real baby monchichi today! it took me back to my childhood when i had two monchichi friends. i've been trying to find one ever since and it was the best surprise. thank you katie.

my baby monchichi had a very busy day today.

he hung out with kate, played some basketball, had some kiri cheese, won some advertising awards, had a cappuccino, had a picnic in a strawberry field, did some gardening and finally got some time to look at his favourite blogs. what a cool little guy. we're best friends already.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

twin peaks nostalgia

behind the scenes photos by richard beymer who played ben horne:

i wish i was watching it now and it was my first time.
i love you agent cooper. in a perfect world we would be eating pie together.

Monday, November 23, 2009

sweet treat

typography and cake all in one! i must be in heaven.
some photographs from a new typographical dessert cookbook
from amanda woodward at woodward desing:

slab serif black forest cake, duotone doughnut,
toothsome typeface tart and embossed sugar cookie. yum.

happy birthday awesome friend

it was johan's birthday.
we gave him an illustrated book called 'the awesome book' by dallas clayton.
here are some pages from the book:

i hope you like it johan because it reminded me of you the moment i saw it.

you can order it from pulp books.

weekend things

shaun perfectly camouflaged on the farm.
traveling 40km for a wimpy breakfast seamed like a great idea.
friends all dressed up.
mr. fannie van rensburg has a beautiful farm.
frolicking in the field.
i totally caught the bouquet
and willie and verushka are married!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

weekend things

green tea ice cream: i recommend it.
i tried to draw a picture of verushka but i'm not sure it looks like her.
a room full of girls all dressed up.
balkanology party and strange flashbacks from the past.
happy dog swimming.
happy dog going for a walk.
the end.