Monday, August 3, 2009

goodbye sweet friend

this is bitty. she came to us and we looked after her for a few days. we didn't know who she belonged to or where she lived but were happy to have a new warm creature in our home.
terence came up with her name because she was always trying to suck on things... i think she might have been separated from her mom too early.

then we found out that bitty's owners moved away to rustenburg in january and took her with them. this clever and brave kitten came back all the way to killarney so she's not just any silly cat that exposes her cat bum way too much. she's super smart and amazing and i miss her. i keep hearing her meows outside our door. she's back with her owners now but if she decides to embark on her journey again and reaches our flat, we're keeping her!

we had a brief but very meaningful friendship bitty. goodbye

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